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Learn to Ski

Access to Waves - Adaptive Water Ski Clinic

In 2005, the Backwater Gamblers teamed up with the Genesis Group for the first time to host an adaptive water ski clinic.   Individuals with various disabilities came to our ski site and, with the help of our skiers and the volunteers from Genesis, were able to learn to water ski with specially designed water skis. The smiles on their faces were more than inspiring. The success of the clinic has lead us to continue to hold a clinic every year, and starting in 2015, now hold 2 adaptive ski clinics per season. 
Access Waves


Water Ski Lessons

Each summer, the Backwater Gamblers hold water ski lessons for 10-15 people. The lessons last about three hours with the students taking 10 minute turns and getting to ski two or three times. Experienced skiing members of the Backwater Gamblers help teach each of the students individually to 2 ski or enhance current skiing skills. Students must be 9 years old or older and lessons cost $50 per person. 
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