Next show ~ Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at 6:30PM



The Backwater Gamblers ski site is equipped with bleacher seating to fit crowds of up to 10,000 fans at each show. Lawn chair seating is welcome if you choose not to sit on the bleachers, however the seats with the best view are in the bleachers. Seating is first come, first serve. Handicap seating is also available.



The concession stand offers hot dogs, popcorn, chips, candy bars, ice cream, popsicles, soft drinks, water, Gatorade and various other items. Visit the concession stand before the show starts or anytime through intermission. 



Parking is available throughout the ski site. For the best parking, continue down the gravel road into the ski site past the bleachers to the large main parking area. Please park to accommodate the largest number of cars possible.


Souvenir Programs

Complimentary souvenir programs are available to all of our fans. In the program you will find information about the team, pictures, a full show schedule for the season, and advertisements or even coupons from many of our sponsors. Some of our younger members will be handing out these programs during intermission of the show.


Merchandise Boutique

We have a variety of Backwater Gamblers merchandise for our fans to purchase including t-shirts, tanks, umbrellas, sunglasses, hats, fans, seat cushions, and more! Visit our merchandise trailer at the entrance of the site which accepts cash, credit or debit cards. 


Memorial Brick Sidewalk

The ski site contains a lovely brick sidewalk from the concession stand to the bleacher area. The bricks are engraved with memorials for our loved ones and fans. For a small fee of $50, you can add an engraved brick to our sidewalk for your loved one or your love of the ski team to be immortalized at the Backwater Gamblers ski site. Contact us to order your memorial brick.