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Individual Recognition

Each year an award is given out at the both the National and Central Region show ski tournaments for the most valuable male and female performers of the entire tournament. The following people have won these very prestigious awards while members of the Backwater Gamblers:
National Tournament Award Winners
Skip Gilkerson (Male) Willa Cook (Female)
2018 David Claver 2012 Trista Foster
2010 David Anderson 2003 Chris (Ridgley) Thornburg
1997 Jim Post 2001 Trista (Menzer) Foster
    1997 Gretchen Post
Central Region Tournament Award Winners
Best Male Performer Best Female Performer
2016 David Anderson 2015 Tagen Tipton
Strap Doubles Champions Swivel Champion
2018 Mike Becker & Kennedy Scott 2015 Trista Foster
1994 Tim Fogel & Trista Menzer 2014 Trista Foster

World Tournament

Starting in 2012, a world show ski tournament is held every two years with teams competing from the USA, Australia, China, Belgium and Canada. Only 35 people including skiers, boat drivers, and announcers are selected from the entire country to be a part of each team. The Backwater Gamblers have several members that have been selected to be a part of Team USA for the World Tournaments.
Team USA Members
2020 David Anderson Skier Mulwala, New South Wales, Australia
2018 David Anderson Skier Huntsville, Ontario, Canada
2016 Brint Burrill Boat driver Wisconsin Rapids, WI, USA
2016 Trista Foster Skier Wisconsin Rapids, WI, USA
2014 Brint Burrill Boat driver Janesville, WI, USA
2012 Brint Burrill Boat driver Janesville, WI, USA