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2014 boasted our most succesful season ever! Our team grew to over 160 members, the largest in history. We placed 3rd at the Mercury Open in June and, after flooding halted our practices and shows for two weeks, placed 2nd at the Central Regional tournament. We successfully built our largest pyramid ever with 47 people building four 4 tiers all behind one boat. We are only one of two teams to have ever built a pyramid that large, and we successfully climbed it up twice, and once also brought it all back down and into the beach, a feat that no other team in show skiing has ever done. We placed second place at the National Tournament in Janesville, Wisconsin, our best placement ever! We had more rides in our National show than any other team ever. We also won the award for highest scoring pyramid for our four 4 tier pyramid (of which we had 2 skiers fall). The theme was 'Choppy Water: My Life as a Water Ski Show Skier'. The show directors were Scott Allender and Tagen Tipton.