2012 World Show Ski Tournament Top Boat Driving Teams

The first ever World Show Ski Tournament took place on September 15th and 16th, 2012 in Janesville, Wisconsin, USA. Teams from China, Belgium, Australia, Canada and the USA competed over the course of the two day tournament.

Backwater Gamblers' triple rig driver, Brint Burrill, was selected to drive the twin rig for the U.S. Water Ski Show team. Only 35 people including skiers, boat drivers, and announcers were selected from across the entire United States to be a part of the USA Show Ski Team. Team USA placed 1st in the tournament, and Brint and the other two boat drivers for team USA won 1st place in tow boat driving, making them the best boat driving team in the world!

The Backwater Gamblers also hosted the Australian World Show Ski Team which included frequent Backwater Gamblers members from Perth, the Horton family. Backwater Gamblers members Gene Hast, Dennis Heggen and Paul Becker drove the boats and Gail Burrill, Mindy Becker and Derek Varner pulled pin for the Australian World Team during the competition. The Australian World Team with these Backwater Gamblers members became the 2nd best boat driving team in the world!

The Backwater Gamblers are very proud of their extremely talented, world-class boat driving team!